Hey my names Allan and i like listening to great music, bush bashing and extream sports.Some of the above might give people a thrill but i do them just for fun.I am currently partisapating in a tafe tester course at the challenger tafe in fremantle near the Fremantle markets.Its still in the making but it is getting there as i complete my tafe course.Here is some of my friends blogs that i go to school with that might interest some peoples.
nathans blog
derrians blog
robbies blog
If you want to creat a blog your self you can just by going to this website www.blogger.com.if you want to improve your computer skills just come and see the people at challenger tafe and they might just be able to teach you a thing or two about IT.

So if you want to read my blog just go to this website www.allansblogs.comI hope you enjoy my blog.