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blogo.png is part of the many tools owned by Google.
To create a new blog go to
Here you can take a tour and find out what a blog is.
Or you can create a new blog by selecting CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW
The First step is to create a Google Account, or if you have a Google account then to sign in. You should be able to sign in as we created our Google accounts previously

Once signed in you will need to create a Blogger Account
You need to enter a Display Name – this will be the name that is shown as the name at the end of your posts on your blog. Be sensible in your selection of display name. You can make it something simple like your first name or maybe a nickname.
Next is selecting the name for your blog. The title you select can be different from the actual URL for your blog.
If you wish to have a blog title “Music and Stuff I Like” you could try and have a URL of
The idea is to have something that makes sense but is also easy for others to remember so they will easily find you blog. Check the Availability of a blog with the URL you have selected and if it is available then click on Continue. You may have to try several different names for the URL.

Now you can choose how you want your blog to look by choosing a template. Your blog is a statement of your ideas and your sense of style choose a template that reflects this.
For each template, you can click the View button and see what it would look like as a blog page. To select the template, click the radio button by the template title.
Once you have chosen a template click Continue

Your blog has now been created and you can start posting.
Create your first post. if you can't think of what to write about choose something like:
How do you picture the best day of your life that hasn't happened yet?
Think of all the people who have inspired you most in life. What do they have in common?
You can access help from the link at the top of the page or from

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