Eragon is a seventeen year old boy who lives on a farm with his uncle Garrow and cousin Roran. Eragon goes hunting in the spire where it is rumored that half of King Galbatorix's army went into it and never came out. Eragon was hunting a doe who had buggered back leg, when he found the doe she was on the edge of the hollow where the others of her kind were. Eragon was surprised that she could keep up[ with the herd, just as Eragon let the bow go a huge light came from nowhere and his arrow caught on fire. Eragon had missed the doe and went over to investigate what had made him miss, when the thing had landed it left a crater, the only thing he could see was a shiny blue stone with white vien like markings on it. Eragon had become a legendary DRAGON RIDER. Without know that the stone was an egg he took it home, three months later it started to hatch and it was the noise that woke Eragon in the middle of the night, it was then he realized it was an egg of a dragon not a stone at all. After alot of care and nurturing he named the dragon Saphira, named after another dragon .