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Review week one and what we accomplished.
Help any new class members to do last weeks tasks

Why Blog?

You now have your blogs set up and have created at least one post and hopefully visited another class members blog and added a comment.
So now you may be thinking why would we or anyone else want to blog other than to prattle on about their life.
Blogs are becoming a part of many peoples lives. whether it is to keep a personal diary, a travel journal or help others.
It is also becoming something that many businesses are now starting to turn to also.
If a blog is constantly updated it will also help the business with keep its ranking in search engines.
Blogs allow millions of people to easily publish their ideas, and millions more to comment on them.Technorati
Find blogs with special blog search engines like Google Blog Search and Technorati. Ratified.org measures the top 100 blogs in Australia.
The Australian Blogging Conference will be held in Brisbane on September 28th 2007.

Business Blogs

Fortune magazine annually prepare a list of the 500 largest US industrial corporations, ranked by sales it and 8% of the companies in the 2006 listing are blogging.
Fortune 500 have a wiki that has this list Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki
Visit this wiki and have a look at some of the company blogs.
Some blogs to visit

Dell - Direct 2 Dell

The Official Google Blog

GM Fastlane Blog

Designwear Bluefly

IBM Blog

Microsoft Blog

Adobe Blog

Top 50 Fashion Blogs

MTV Movie Blog

MTV Video Games Blog

VH1 Music Blog

Top Gear Blog (Cars)

Toolmonger tool blog

The Celebrity Blog

Fishing Blog

Bob's Dog Blog For Rottweiler owners

Dragons in our Midst blog

Fox Sports AFL Blog

Luxury Homes Blog

Beach Photos from around the World


Wired blog

Skateboarder Magazine Blog

More Blogs to Visit

Below are listed blogs by students. Visit their blogs and read some posts and see how they are using blogs. Leave a comment.

Visit Minilegends Blog
The minilegends are a class of year 3 students from Glenelg School in South Australia. They all have their own blogs as well as this main one. Visit their blogs and see what they are doing. leave a comment and remember that they are only 8 and 9 years old. Great work form such young students.

Visit Zane's Blog When Convention Fails - New Worlds Can Be Found!
A new task for students Visit Zane's blog. Zane is a year 10 student from Melbourne who has created his own blog and will be home schooled by his mum and introduced to Social networking. Read his posts and leave a comment if you wish.

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